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Sewer Line Replacement
Woodbridge, VA

Your sewage system is one of the most important parts of your plumbing, but it’s also one of the most vulnerable. Damage to your sewage system can cause serious problems like flooding and foul odors. That’s why it’s important to have a trusted partner who can help you keep your sewage system running smoothly. We have the experience and expertise to identify problems and make repairs quickly and efficiently. We also offer a wide range of services to prevent future problems from occurring. So, when it comes to your sewage system replacement, don’t wait for something to go wrong. Contact us today.

At M&Y Home Services & Plumbing, we specialize in sewer line repair and replacement in Woodbridge, VA. Our technicians have the experience and expertise to identify the problem and provide a long-lasting solution.

When Should You Replace Your Sewer Line?

There are a few key indicators that it’s time for a full sewer line replacement. First, you might notice that your drains are backed up more frequently, even when there isn’t an obstruction in the drain. This is usually caused by tree roots growing into the sewer line and causing a blockage. Second, you might see water pooling in your yard, even when there hasn’t been any recent rainfall. This could be a sign that your sewer line is leaking or has collapsed. Finally, if your toilet frequently overflows or your sink drains slowly, this could also be a sign that it’s time to replace your sewer line. If you’re noticing any of these problems, it’s best to call a plumber to assess the damage and determine whether a repair or replacement is necessary. In general, you should consider a replacement if your sewer line is:

Sewer Line Replacement: Trenchless vs. Traditional

At M&Y Home Services & Plumbing, we utilize both trenchless and traditional methods for sewer line replacement, depending on the needs of our customers. Here’s a brief overview of each:

The total cost of a trenchless sewer line replacement in Woodbridge, VA, will depend on the severity of the damage, the length of the sewer line, and other factors. However, the cost for a trenchless sewer line replacement is usually cheaper than the traditional method. The traditional method involves excavating the entire length of the sewer line in order to replace it. This can be very disruptive to your home or business, and it can also be very costly. The trenchless method only requires a small entry and exit point, so it is much less disruptive. In addition, the trenchless method is often less expensive because it does not require as much labor or materials. As a result, if you are considering a sewer line replacement, you should definitely consider the trenchless method.

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When you Google “sewer line repair near me,” “sewer line replacement near me,” or “sewer line replacement companies near me” and find us, know that you’re getting the best possible service in Woodbridge. Sewer problems are never fun, but our experienced team is here to help. We’ve been providing top-notch sewer services to customers all over Woodbridge and the surrounding area since 2007, so we know a thing or two about getting the job done right. From clogged drains to broken pipes, we’ll take care of the problem quickly and efficiently so you can get back to your life. And because we’re a locally owned and operated business, we understand the importance of excellent customer service. We’ll always go the extra mile to make sure you’re completely satisfied with our work. So if you’re in need of sewer services, don’t hesitate to give us a call. We’ll be happy to help.


The traditional method of sewer line replacement can take several days or even weeks. However, there are now trenchless methods that can minimize the disruption to your property and have the job completed much faster. Trenchless sewer line replacement usually only takes a day or two from start to finish.
Some of the benefits of trenchless sewer line replacement include minimal disruption to your property, less mess and damage, and a faster overall repair time. With traditional methods, a large trench must be dug in order to access the sewer line which can cause significant damage to your landscaping, driveways, or sidewalks.

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